OPEN CALL for International Artists Residency Program Nepal (AIR_MCUBE 2025)

AIR_MCUBE International Artists Residency Program Nepal 2025 | Gallery Mcube

AIR_MCUBE International Artists Residency Program, organized by Gallery Mcube is an exceptional residency for artists in Nepal. This residency program offers a unique opportunity for artists, writers, photographers, media artists, sound artists, and composers to engage in diverse visual art practices such as painting, printing, sculpture, installation, performance art, multimedia, and more. Since its establishment in 2011, Gallery Mcube has been dedicated to hosting this non-profit residency program, providing artists with an enriching environment to explore their creativity.

As part of the AIR_MCUBE International Artists Residency Program, participants will have access to presentation sessions, interaction sessions, and critic sessions. These sessions foster valuable dialogue and feedback, creating a supportive space for artists to share their work, exchange ideas, and receive constructive input from fellow participants and experienced professionals. Immerse yourself in this transformative residency program, where you can expand your artistic practice, engage in cultural exchange, and connect with a vibrant artistic community.

Facilities and Duration:

The residency program duration is flexible, ranging from one to three months. Open Call for the months of

January , February and March; April, May and June; July, August and September; and October, November and December

The program supports artists by providing private rooms, shared studio spaces, a kitchen, bathroom facilities, multimedia rooms, resources, a laundry machine, and a garden area within the premises of Gallery Mcube. For artists seeking grants and scholarships in their home country, the gallery can assist by providing official documents and letters of invitation.


The residency program accommodates English, Nepali, and Hindi languages, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among participants.

Who Can Apply?

Artists and creative practitioners from various disciplines are encouraged to apply, including:

• Visual Arts
• Painting
• Printing
• Sculpture
• Ceramic Art
• Installation
• Performance Art
• New Media Art
• Sound Art
• Photography
• Musician
• Writer
• Curator
• Composer
• Theatre
• Filmmaker

Studio and Accommodation Information:

The studio space provided is combined with accommodation and grants access to a common working area, terrace, and garden. Artists can utilize power tools for woodworking and metalworking, including circular saws, routers, drill machines, and other equipment available in their studio. The accommodation at Gallery Mcube is well-furnished and equipped with comfortable bedding, shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, gallery space, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Outcome and Activities:

AIR_MCUBE International Artists Residency Program offers international artists a unique opportunity to engage in their visual art practices, collaborate with Nepali artists and artisans, and immerse themselves in Nepal’s dynamic art scene. Throughout the residency, Gallery Mcube curates a diverse range of activities to enhance the artists’ experience. Cultural tours within the Kathmandu Valley allow artists to explore Nepal’s rich cultural heritage, while studio visits provide insights into the work of local artists. Interactions with the media help artists share their artistic journeys and gain exposure in Nepali newspapers and online news portals. Additionally, the gallery facilitates workshops with community members, fostering artistic exchange and cultural understanding. The residency concludes with a captivating curatorial exhibition, where artists showcase their works to art enthusiasts, inviting
them to delve into the artistic outcomes of the residency. The program provides a comprehensive and immersive experience that broadens artists’ perspectives and fosters creative growth within the Nepali art context.

Fees and Application Process:

The residency program fee is US$600 per month. Artists are responsible for expenses related to food, personal supplies, art materials, transportation costs outside the gallery, and any additional space required. If an artist wishes to stay for less than a month, they will need to pay the gallery rent separately. Gallery Mcube can also arrange cultural tours or provide guides for trekking and hiking outside the Kathmandu Valley, with additional costs borne by the artist.

To apply, please send an email to, including the following details:
• CV/Portfolio
• 10 images of recent artworks in JPEG format
• Project plan (approximately 200 words)
• Copy of valid passport

Join us for an enriching and inspiring experience at the AIR_MCUBE International Artists Residency Program Nepal 2025. Apply now and embark on a transformative artistic journey in the vibrant city of Lalitpur, Nepal.