Contemporary Art Gallery

GALLERY MCUBE is the Contemporary Visual Art Center devoted for the development of visual art of Nepal. This gallery is founded by renowned Multi-Disciplinary Visual artist Manish Lal Shrestha to create art towards the mainstream matter with diverse art forms. Our area of concern is contemporary but in a respect of traditional and modern art practices.
We aim to promote multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary art to the art enthusiasts, art lovers, art critics, national and international buyers and collectors. It is the platform truly dedicated to educate and aware our upcoming generation. We are keen to provide resources for research and development of Art scene in Nepal and motivate art activities.

Gallery space is constructed in two storied Gallery space for national and international  art exhibition with Gallery’s cafe,

Gallery Mcube is featured as top five best galleries in Kathmandu. Here is the link

Now we are providing our gallery, multimedia room, library and garden area for Art and related other programs in a reasonable cost.

Book Your Gallery Space for Exhibition

We have a very cozy Gallery Space which can be rented for a day or as long as an individual want according to the schedule of the gallery.
Area: Two Storied 800 sq. ft.
Cost: US$ 50 per day

Rental fees for the gallery space for art exhibition in two storied contemporary architecture building is US$ 50 per day that includes curatorial guidance, invitation, banner, poster, promotional materials via social media, email, phone calls, Hi-Tea etc. Artists are responsible for Brochure and catalog prints for his/ her own exhibition.

We also have a multimedia facility of projector and the screen. Any interested individual or group can make use of multimedia hall by prior booking and advance payment. The multimedia room can be used for workshops, meetings, presentations and so on.
Area: 320 sq. ft.
Cost: US$ 50/- per day