Young Artists of 2022

ANIL MACHAMASI born in 1995 and based in Bhaktapur, Nepal. He is a printmaker, painter, illustrator, New Media Artist and thangka artist. He works in these medium just to explore more in the art field. He did BFA from Lalitkal campus and currently, doing MFA from Central Department of Fine Arts, TU, Kathmandu.  He has participated in several group exhibitions including Himalayan art festival, Print Making Nepal, Karnali Art Exhibition, National Exhibition and many other group painting exhibitions. Similarly, he participated in the workshop of Print Making Nepal, Karnali art center and volunteered at Ganesh Secondary School.

Anil Machamasi

Artist Statement
I have been exploring in painting, New Media Art and Printmaking, inspired by the visual artist Leonardo Da Vinci. My works usually reflect Newari culture, rites, rituals, custom and traditions. My aim is to make people realize our roles and importance of preservation. I usually work with the intention of expanding the social customs and norms so that younger generations would explore more about own ethnicity rather than being greatly influenced from west.

BISHAL MAHARJAN did BFA from Sirjana College of Fine Art. His aspiration to connect people through his own way of storytelling has motivated him to create his own style of work. He has participated in various art activities and workshops including the National Art Exhibition 2074 BS Kala Drishya Nepal Art Exhibition 2021AD,11 Artist 2021AD and Nude Art show 2021AD. Besides painting and drawing, He is also involved in Tattooing.

Bishal Maharjan

Artist Statement

Toran is a carving placed above the main entrance of the temples. It has some motifs of god or goddess along with other elements. It is a crucial part of Nepali architecture. I’ve always been captivated by the intricate designs of Toran. Observing these structures has led me to create an image of a unique art. I have been working on the series of traditional Toran indulging personal emotion and spirituality by using my own color palette to translate the traditional world.

CHIRANJIBI SHRESTHA is a Visual Artist who did BFA graduate from Srijana College of Fine Arts and completed his Master’s degree from Banaras Hindu University with studio major.

Chiranjibi Shrestha

Artist Statement
Every day the artist tries to see, hear and feel something in search of its deeper meaning. He takes traditional and contemporary issues as his source of inspiration. Motivated by everyday objects and happenings, he dives into his canvas. His works varies from traditional drawings to contemporary paintings. He constantly tries to portray his concepts through realistic looking paintings. He continues to dedicate himself emotionally and constantly seeks to develop and combine both his skills and knowledge in order to leave longer impact.

DENISH MAHARJAN is a visual artist based in Lalitpur, Nepal. He completed his BFA from Kathmandu University, School of Arts and Design. He has participated in many group exhibitions including 53 seconds 5 years, 24 Odes, Anecdotes etc. He has also been actively involved in workshops, volunteering and collaborative projects.

Denish Maharjan

MANISHA SHAH is a modern mithila artist from Haripurwa, Sarlahi, Nepal. She believes that art is a powerful medium to depict the adverse side of society and convey the messages of positive change. Her works give messages on social issues like women violence, social disparities and discrimination, etc. Being from the Maithili community, she believes that it’s her responsibility to create and promote mithila art at different platforms. It can serve as a means of instilling values and translating experiences across space and time, can also highlight the diversity of Nepal on various platforms. She has explored in different medium including acrylic and fevicryl colors for detailing and pattern works. Through her works she shows her passion and determination towards meditative Mithila essence.

Manisha Shah


This installation specifically depicts the vision of all the indulged personnel of society towards feminism. I have used eyes in order to show both the positive and negative thinking of people towards woman concerning different aspects of their lives. The cloth used here has represented the dress of woman in which I have preferred white plain saree with red spots. Generally, white color is the symbol of peace and my works demands for peaceful life of woman but the red spots in the saree depicts the obstacles, stress and boundaries. The hanging round object depicts mother’s womb and the pieces of mirror attached on the surface reflects the origin of womanhood.


PRAKASH PUN MAGAR is a sculptor from Dang, Ghorahi currently based in Kathmandu. He did BFA in Sculpture from Lalitkala Campus, T.U. He has been actively involved in many group exhibitions including National Exhibitions 2074, 2076, 2077 B.S; Kathmandu Art Fair and Creative Wood Sculpture Workshop 2075 B.S. He is a recipient of prestigious National Fine Arts Award in Installation Art 2078 B.S. He had also volunteered in Kathmandu Triennale 2017.

Prakash Pun Magar

Artist Statement

For me, Art is a final product of my own emotions, thoughts, ideas and experiences. I use human figures as main subject to explore the human form and psychology. My medium is relief sculpture, model and experimentation with various materials such as fiber resin caste, clay, metal etc.

PRIYANKA SINGH MAHARJAN is a Visual Artist, a member of creative collective Aṅkūra Atelier and an Art Facilitator at Srijanalaya, a non-profit organization dedicated to Arts in Education. She completed her Bachelors in Fine Arts, 2018 from Kathmandu University. Her art practice is mostly inspired by the memories and her surroundings. She usually works with old photographs, textile and pen and ink drawings but is not bound to any specific medium. Her first solo exhibition was “The realm of recollections”, 2021, at Siddhartha Art Gallery and has participated in a few group exhibitions including national exhibitions in 2016 and 2017.She has showcased her works in Kochi Student Biennale 2018-2019, as a part of prestigious Kochi Biennale, India; Angkor Photo Festival, Cambodia, 2020.

Priyanka Singh Maharjan

Somewhere I come from

The strong familiarity with the place I was born and raised has influenced me to dwell deeper into the spaces and their relationship with people living around. I always found so much comfort offered by these places and people.

For me, the city as subject matter has continued to proffer endless visual fodder over the time. I could sense the overwhelming presence of growth and change but at the same time, I mostly focus on the part that still remains.

SABIN ACHARYA, who is residing and working in Kathmandu (Nepal) is a creative visual artist. His works are based on contemporary subject usually displaying open mindedness and curiosity. He has been a part of Lalit Kala Campus since 2016 and is currently pursuing Masters in Fine Arts (Central Department of Fine Arts, Tribhuvan University). His works has been on display in several national and international exhibitions.  He has also profound interest in volunteering and social contribution through the arts. His paintings are realistic, figurative and usually conveys social message on various realms of our society.

Sabin Acharya

Artist Statement

My latest artworks are inspired by the nature and the devastation caused by the unplanned urbanization and land plotting on the wildlife habitat of Nepal. As an artist, I have tried my best to create artworks that makes people aware about the destructions of nature in the name of development. The rapid urbanization has raised problems regarding public health and questions our pattern of development. However, the situation for animals appears to be even considerably worse. Our interference on wildlife’s’ habitat is posing serious threat on valuable wildlife. So, through my artworks, I have tried to emphasize on the wildlife which are affected due to the unplanned development.

SHREEMILA SHRESTHA- As a child, she was surrounded by paintings where she gradually developed her passion for art. She was Inspired by her father in her young age, she started playing with lines and colours with available materials. Later choosing to explore and follow the path of art she studied Fine arts in +2. She is currently doing BFA in painting from Lalitkala Campus.

Shreemila Shrestha

Artist Statement

In artworks, I usually try to portray the raw human emotions and the state of mind. The work I create is an extension of myself, letting me to truthfully express the sentiment of my inner cosmos and in turn it lets me deeply connect to the universe outside. I choose to portray the sorrow in human heart through melancholic subjects and speak out through my works, the unvoiced.

SOFIYA MAHARJAN is a visual artist with a keen interest in attachment to personal belongings and the private space, the individual or collective experience, and memory. She received her BFA in Studio Art from Kathmandu University, School of Arts, Department of Art and Design, Nepal. Maharjan has a strong closeness to her surroundings which she expresses through her artistic practice. She believes that it is not so much about how the world is as it is about how we perceive it. She narrates her ideas and stories through textile. Her attachment to the thread comes from finding a common ground with her mother. She Enjoys exploring lines and textures and finding herself in those works.

Sofiya Maharjan

Artist Statement
A Small Walk

We’ve grown accustomed to this life. Somewhere along the path, we’ve stopped wondering. Everything around us has become entirely ordinary and we too have become a common people living a common life. But sometimes you’ve to stop and live in the moment. Breathe in-Breathe out. Stop a step and admire how mundane things in an ordinary time become poetic. So, every now and then let’s take a moment to wonder and have a walk nearby.