Young Artists Show 2021

Young Artists Show 2021
 20th April 2021

Hitesh Vaidya is a visual artist based in Bhaktapur and a founding member of Aakrit collective, an artist collective based in Bhaktapur. He received his BFA from Kathmandu University School of Arts, Department of Fine Arts. Vaidya is interested in the communicative potential of objects and spaces. The objects we incorporate in our daily life and the spaces we live in are the visual signifiers of and commentaries on our social and cultural existence.

Artist statement

The Bhaktapur city I grew up in has seen many changes within a few decades. The greenery that once covered much of the city is now being replaced by the new dwellings. The rampant urban transformation is unfit to my memory of the city. 
As the city has swiftly changed the archived photographs have become visual documentation of what the city once was. They also testify to the invasion of the memories I have of the open spaces by ever continuous urban transformation. This body of work is a response to the memory of the shifting environment of the city.

Title: Changing landscapes
Medium: Watercolor on archival paper
Size: 21.5 x 14.5 inch

Medium: Acrylic on Brick
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 2 inches

Sara Tunich Koinch (Durga Sunuwar) is a visual artist graduated from Lalitkala Campus. Culture has always fascinated me as it is directly related to the part of our daily life. I’ve been continuously trying to do research about my cultural roots and norms. Since I have been living in this urban city these subjects have become more and more capturing to me and creating the sense of curiosity within me as urbanization represents this modern era and our cultural roots are being diminished. I’ve tried to revive our traditional norms by comparing or juxtaposing both of these periods together in a canvas. I’ve used my cultural patterns i.e. Kiranti Koinch pattern, urban cityscape and figures in their cultural attire to represent the current phase of our society show the modernization has also thrown spotlight to our ancestral norms and traditions as well making them stand out. Youngsters who are immensely influenced by the ever-rising technologies and social medias are somehow promoting or playing huge role in highlighting our ancient values.

Title: Urbanizing cultural values I, II
Size :30″ x 40″
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Manjari Dutta, 1993, visual artist based in Lalitpur. Currently an intern in gallery MCUBE, graduated from Sirjana College of Fine Arts, Kathmandu. She has won number of Art competitions over the past years. Her first artwork was exhibited recently in a group art show ‘8 Figures’ at Gallery MCUBE. 


His kiss melts on skin;

Or the other way around.

But something melts,

Every single time.

Title: Chandra

Medium: Fiber optic lights

Year: 2021

Suman Rai is fresh graduate from Sirjana College of Fine Arts. He received Special award in National Exhibition of Fine Arts in 2020.

Artist statement

We all have blurry vision with our eyes wide open because we are not paying attention and we don’t have intention of knowing something. We all are looking without seeing anything because This world is like a lattice window, one cannot see outside view clearly without clear intention of looking outside, closeness and curiosity. 

Title: Freckle

Medium: Mix Media
Size: 60” X 76”

Title: Wisdom

Medium: Mix Media
Size: 56” X 76”

Samyukta Bhandari is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Kathmandu. She recieved her BFA from Beacon House National University, Lahore, Pakistan in 2018. Samyukta’s works draws inspiration from her environment and current affairs and is constantly experimenting and exploring new mediums of artistic expression.

“Untitled” Video 

Footage of Angry man in Dolpo 1966 juxta positioned with sound of Nepali parliament brawl 2015
Video courtesy:  Alan Macfarlane 

My work is an attempt to experiment with change in the narrative that is created by the manipulation of content and context and to examine the various interpretations made by the viewers. The question remains, can the work create new meanings or the meaning will be driven by the actual context and content of individual elements in the composition. 
How will you read the imagery? 

Sujaan Shrestha is a visual artist based in Kathmandu Nepal. She is pursuing her BFA from Kathmandu University department of Art and design. She was aawarded by the Shivata Talent award in 2018. Her art work has been executed in many renowned national international galleries.

Artist statement
In the overwhelming state of a person’s death, a close family member is in need of support to overcome the emotion state.

Title: Unfinished Transaction

Medium: Mix media

Rabin Kaji Shakya is a visual artist based in Kathmandu and have been working on various medium of art such as sculptures, photography, experimental videos and art directing in few movies. Through these mediums of art, he tries to portray and express his ideas and visions that strike him every day as an artistHe did BFA from Sirjana College of Fine arts, TU in 2016.

Text Box: Title: Compassion II
Medium: Teracotta

Title:Compassion I

Medium: Bronze

In this work titled compassion I tried to capture and show the subtle essence of beauty, compassion and strength of a woman. my work portrays a woman in a gentle bow and seated as she does and accepts all the role put up on her by us as a mother wife friend and so on. I have always found fascinating and appreciated how she takes up all hardships with smile and has always more to offer with compassion and love

Title: Struggle

medium: fiberglass

In this work titled STRUGGLE, I have tried to capture, interpret and 
re-present our constant struggle from our leaps and bounds we live in and try to thrive and grow nonmatter what situation we are put up against, I feel that’s what makes us a human. My work focuses largely on the female figure planted in ground with roots, both representing grace and beauty and a symbol of strength. 

Laxmi Tamang was born in 1997 in Dhadhing, district, Nepal. She is fresh graduate from Kathmandu University School of Arts and design. She was passionate in art since her childhood. At 12 years she worked as a Child Journalist about social issue in ‘Sunau Bolau’ Radio Sagarmatha for four years. She has published a children’s books in the year 2017 title ‘Little Mi Mi’s Magic Eyes’. The book was launched in Singapore. She has designed the book cover of “Putali ko Ghar” a biography book of CNN Hero 2012 Ms. Pushpa Basnet. She has conducted art workshop as a facilitator in the Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary), Singapore with Air amber team.


The head – and with it, the mind – is the heaviest part of the body. And it finds rest upon a Sirani, which shares our inner pains or emotions. Conversations with a Sirani are kept secret, and the emotions that we share on it help to relieve the pain and suffering. Our Sirani has seen and felt more about our feelings – more so than our friends and family. The impression upon it of our body or the traces of saliva show our tiredness. We dream upon our Sirani.

Sirani is a collection of dreams and emotions, the tears it wiped when nobody even cared to look. It is the silent refuge where we express our sorrows that can’t be revealed to the world.

Kamal Shrestha is fresh graduate from Lalitkala Campus and pursuing Master in Central Department of Fine Arts.

Artist Statements

To the present days of my life, I have been feeling attachment with white spaces from different perspective of my life experiences. To me white space has become both starting and ending of everything. Equally, I am always challenged by canvas white areas and enjoy playing with it. In these artworks, I have been playing with white space sharing some of my memories and trying to connect with the present environment of town. 

Title: Bed no. 126

Size: 24x 24 inches

Medium: Oil on canvas

Production Date: 31st Aug, 2019

Title: Passionate not mistake

Size: 24x 24 inches

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Production Date: 3rd Sept, 2019


Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 36 x 24 Inches

Production Date: 25th Jan, 2021

Saksham Raja Shakya is a visual artist Based in Kathmandu. He is currently doing undergraduate course in Central Academy of fine arts(CAFA) Beijing, China. 

Artist statement 

My work explores the relationship between modern life and our cultural and traditional values. Growing up surrounded by art, I have always been fascinated by the Kathmandu Valley traditional art and architecture, starting from my teenage years I have been practicing traditional art and have been in love with the traditional methods. My designs are based upon traditional and cultural values as its absence is greater in this present world?

Title: Cremation of Zodiac
Medium: Teracotta
Size: Variable

Title: Pop the cherry 
Medium: Copper and Ruby
Size: 33 cm

 Siddhanta Pudasaini is a Kathmandu based Visual Communication Designer and an independent researcher who completed his BFA, Visual Communication Design from Beacon House National University, Lahore, Pakistan. With his works, he constantly tries to expand the scope and approach of design and believes in its multi-faceted possibility. 

Artist statement

Whenever I walk in the streets and the alleys, I get fascinated by the tall metal poles with tangled wires as if they are alive and interact with the passersby. I imagine them as social characters that represent our society. This is how I dissect my relationship with the ‘mundane’ things of my surroundings. Everydayness is always 

overlooked. Thus, remain unexplored. 

Title: Magic in Mundane I, II & III

Dimensions: 12 x 18 inches

Limited Edition Digital Print – 1/10

Woodcut Printmaking Show

4th  20th April 2021

Gallery Mcube hosts the printmaking show with 31 art students from Lalitkala Campus and Sirjana College of Fine arts who did amazing works on woodcuts. The program is coordinated by Saurganga Dashandhari. The show will remain open till 20th April 2021.  The participating artists are
Aman Tuladhar 
Abhijit Prajapati
Bipana Pathak
Bishal Manandhar
Biwek Lama
Deepa Khanal
Dikshya Rai
Kiran Shrestha
Kopila Rai
Krishna Bhakta Dangol
Manisha Shah
Meenakshi Swaroopa Phuyal
Namrata Shrestha
Nano Fung Chemjong Limbu
Narendra Malla
Niles Onta
Rakesh Maharjan
Ranju Pulami Magar
Rohit Maharajan
Rojan Khadka
Rojan Shrestha
Ringdolma Tamang
Rishita Khatri
Rubi Maharjan
Samikshya Shrestha
Sujan Bir Bajracharya
Sujan Rai
Suman Thapa
Suman Rai
Uma Ghimire
Yambang Thapa Magar

Woodcut Printmaking Show is the platform for upcoming artists who are keen in creating the works through printmaking techniques. Woodcut technique is labor intensive as well as it has the ability of creative expression. About 31 final year art students from Lalitkala Campus and Sirjana College of Fine arts have participated for the show with 42 different printmaking works with woodcut techniques. The printmaking works are open with free ideas and most of them have created works on the base of culture, their personal emotional values, politics and environmental milieu.