Open call for THE NUDE ART SHOW 2021

Gallery Mcube hosts periodic national and international exhibitions in our alternative visual art center. Mcube invites artists worldwide to participate in the international exhibition “THE NUDE ART SHOW 2021”. This is the open call for national and international artists, who have potential in working in various visual art genres including painting, printing, sculpture, installation, multi-media, photography. The show is co-curated by Kapil Mani Dixit and Manish Lal Shrestha.

Kiran Manandhar (born in 1957 at Kathmandu), eminent artist has completed his Masters in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India. He is the founder Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) from the year 2010 till 2014 A.D. He has more than 165 solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions in Nepal and abroad.  He has been awarded with various prestigious national and international awards including Sukirtimaya Rastradeep- 2013, Prabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu-2001, Best prize 30th Salon de Climart Paris, France and Honorable mention, Asian Art Exhibition, Bangladesh, Dhaka- 1991. He was also awarded with a fellowship “Cite’ International des Arts” Paris, France in 1998. He has kept a record by creating 128 meters long painting all by himself from the historical Dharahara in less than 12 hours in 25th April 2008. He has been creatively active in the contemporary art scenario for the past 6 decades. He lives and work in Kiran’s Atelier, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Artist’s statement

The painting depicts the form of women figures as Shakti (Power). The power to create my individual thougths and spontaneous ideologies is my vision that I am showcasing. The abstract works have their own definations and their own language, but the people’s thougths towards my work can be achieved with their own individual ways to define it. The work symbolises the love, power of women and their beauty. 

Title: Aakriti

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 450,000/-

Erina Tamrakar is a visual artist with the Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Tribhuwan
University, Nepal. She has been working as an artist in Nepal since 1989. Her paintings have focused on women and their relationships that convey a strong commentary on society and surrounding. She is the cofounder of Kasthamandap Art Studio and E-Arts Nepal. In addition to her 14 solo exhibitions in Nepal and Korea, her works have been exhibited in many National and
International galleries since 1990. In 2008, she got the fellowship from Korea National University of Arts in South Korea. She was awarded the third and first prize in National Art Exhibition in 2000 and 2005 respectively and was awarded with Gold Medal in 2008 from Arniko Yuwa Sewa Kosh. She was honored by “Young Achiever’s Award 2011 by Today’s Youth Asia and awarded Old Wind, Chinichi News Paper Japan. Recently she was awarded from Master Tej Bahadur Chitrakar and Bhadra Kumari Ghale awards in 2013 and 2014 respectively. 

Artist’s statement

Erina Tamrakar presents the nuances of women’s feelings in the ambience of medieval decorative pattern and traditional art forms. The use of red and gold colors, leaves are shared from old manuscript illuminations. Despite the fact that her formal treatment is modern but her inspiration roots from tradition. She is bridging the gap between the past and the present. As in the traditional paintings, her female figures are youthful with sinus body, and round and rhythmic limbs. There is no presence of old age. As the artist lives in Newar community, the medieval art works of Newar artists have influenced her paintings. The use of leaves has further 

significances, that is, through these images she links women to the nature. She finds proximity in nature and woman in terms of creativity and nourishing power. The frequent attachment of raining water throughout the female body has additional 

suggestion that is, fragrance, beauty of women.


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 87,000/-

An aspiring storyteller, Ankit Khadgi loves 

communicating his thoughts, ideas, and emotions through various mediums. A journalist, by profession, currently, his form of expressions is writing, poetry, and visual media. 

Artist’s Statement

It might be weird for others, but since my childhood, I always wanted to be sexy. Blame it on Raveena Tandan or Madhuri Dixit, I always had this dream of being irresistibly sexy and expressing my sexuality, openly. However, because of rigid norms, I have neither been able to explore nor express my sexuality. 

Likewise, there are times when I do feel uncomfortable in my body. As my weight keeps on fluctuating, since I have an eating disorder, I keep on losing and mostly gaining weight. When I am overweight, which I am now, I do feel embarrassed with my body, as most of the people keep on body shaming me. 

But, at the end of the day, either I am fat or fit, I am always going to be sexy. The size of my body will never come in my way of loving my body and embracing my sexuality. 

Hence through these images and video poetry, I try to express the sexy in me and also explore the theme of body positivity. 

Title: ‘I am sexy and I know it’

Medium: Photos and Visual poetry

Price: NFS

Bijaya Maharjan, a multidisciplinary artist is a graduate with Painting as major from Kathmandu University. To his credit are two solo painting exhibitions and one photography exhibition. In addition, he has participated in many group shows and workshops in both Art and Photography. Through the years he has coordinated and curated various art and design shows. Previously, he was associated with
Kathmandu University, Department of Art and Design as a teaching faculty (2007-14).
Presently, he is Head of the Department of Graphic Communications at Sirjana College of Fine Arts.

Artist’s statement

The art of ‘Photography’ has always remained a world by itself to me. I always thought of 

photography as a powerful means of visual
language. To me the art of photography is beyond capturing a certain moment; it has much more to offer. All one needed is to see through the mind not only through the lens. 

Nude photography has been a genre of fine art photography since the inception of the medium in the nineteenth century. “When life gives you curves, flaunt them” – with the knowledge and inspiration of this unknown quote, I have tried to capture the feminine forms. My present series ‘Curved and Twisted’ is a series of nude photography that depicts the human body with an emphasis on form, curve, line, composition and other aesthetic qualities. The human form is interesting, sometimes complex, sometimes simple, and can be beautiful. For me, feminine forms reflect the true aesthetics and beauty of nature. 

Title: Curved and Twisted I & II

Medium: Photograph

Price: 28,000/- (Each)

Binod Pradhan is a contemporary artist based in Kathmandu, Nepal, He is an artist with definite convictions. He paints what he believes in. He works on mixed media with experimentations. He creates eco-paintings which appeal to preserve the 

environment, ecosystem, Heritage, Ancient cities and Goddess of Nepal. He holds Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Fine Art College, Kathmandu, Nepal. He is the co-founders of Kasthamandap Artists Group and the online art gallery E-Arts Nepal. He has had nine solo painting exhibitions in national and South Korea to his credit and had two man exhibitions 2 times. He has participated in various national and international group shows, art workshops and art camps since 1992. He received several national and international awards, including second position in Inter School Competition, Bal Mandir, Kathmandu in 1987, first position, Painting Competition, Lalit Kala Student Union in 1993, second position in National Art Exhibition (NAFA) in 1997, first position in Ganesh Man Singh Adhyayan Pratisthan in 1997, awarded from Camel Art Foundation, Kolkata, India in 2006 and Gold Medal of Arniko Youth Award in 2011. 

Artist’s statement

Since Human being creation is one of God
excellent creation. In between this woman is more beautiful and excellent creative of God. In depth Women is also symbolize as Earth Protector in which they have such power to handle different ups and downs of life as well. This make them more powerful and loving nature. Even, I appreciate that for women being outside beauty than inner beauty is more dignify and beautiful which attracts I have also focus on inner softness and strong pillars against odds with happy content of women thoughts into canvases.

Title: Inner Beauty

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 50,000/-

Bishal Maharjan studied at Sirjana College of Fine Art. Besides painting and drawing, He is also involved in Tattooing. His aspiration to connect people through his own way of storytelling has 

motivated him to create his own style of work. He has participated in various art activities and
workshops including the National Art Exhibition 2074 BS, Kala Drishya Nepal Art Exhibition 2021AD and 11 Artist 2021AD. 

Artist’s statement 

Tundal has so many scientific meanings. There are many reasons for its existence in temple art. Some people believe it’s for karma. According to
Hinduism, karma is the sum of a person’s previous state of existence. Actually, in Hinduism it is Mokshya, which means salvation, freedom from materialistic things. After seeing these images, people can feel normal. According to others, when nude art is on the wall, negative sprits can’t enter the temple. Some people believe that it gives
married couples sex education and how to have proper sex in a non-embarrassing, sacred way. People also believe that if Tundal is there in the temple, it helps to protect from lightning strikes. Some priests say, in ancient times there were so many people that chose to be saints, and they used to prefer the single life. But if everybody followed the single lifestyle, it would go against Nature and no babies would be born, so with
Tundal in the temples, people would feel desire and want to continue a natural lifestyle. I presented this painting in modern contemporary style
showing Tundal with my own colour pallet.

Title: Tundal I & II

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 40,000/- (each)

Ishan Pariyar (1984) a visual artist, has earned his MFA Degree in Painting from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He is the recipient of ‘National Fine Art Award’ by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, ‘Creative Young Artist Award’ by Shiddhi Setuli Pratisthan, ‘Sita Shree Talent Award’ by Pant Memorial Academy, ‘Prasanta Memorial 

Scholarship Talent Award’ by Prashant Memorial Society and numerous awards to his dedication. He has five solo shows to his credit and his
painting was selected & exhibited in ‘18th Asian Art Biennale’ at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy in 2018. He has participated in 18th NIPAF ASIA in Japan and has been participating in various events of performance art in Nepal. He was selected in AIR_MCUBE artist in residence by Gallery MCUBE, ‘Artists Residency Program’ by Bindu space for artists’. He has visited India,
Bangladesh, China & Japan in term of Art camp, festivals & exhibition.

Artist’s statement 

My artwork is based on the different layers of the time frame. The medieval period of Nepal was the initial and prosperous stage of the
development of Art and Cultural term. Meanwhile, we live in 21st century with ultra-development in Art.  I am trying to figure out the different terms of different worlds in my artwork. Herewith I have taken the example of Michael Angelo’s
masterpiece David which was made during 1401-1405 and at the same time surrounding Nepal Malla Dynasty was flourishing its cultural heritage and artifacts. Throughout this painting, I want to explore the dignity and value of the different era’s artifacts and draw the attention of the
conscientious to preserve and endorse the
Artistic piece which has been creating the glorious histories.

Title: The Glorious Reminiscences

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 26,000/- (Each)

Manjari Dutta, 1993, a multidisciplinary artist based in Lalitpur. Currently an intern at gallery MCUBE, graduated from Sirjana College of Fine Arts, Kathmandu. She has exhibited number of artworks at Gallery MCUBE in past few shows.

Artist’s statement 

Men: as important as women. 

As beautiful as women,

And as misled as women. 

“Men don’t cry”, aren’t they human?

Or because women have monopoly over the tears?

“Be a man”, you mean bottle up all the emotions misunderstood for weakness and level up toxic masculinity?

“Men will be men”, I say they should.

Man should be a man when he shed his tears, he should be a man when he expresses his vulnerability, he should be a man and not any animal you could possibly generalize, a man should be a man when his father raises his hand on his mother, a man should be a man letting his guards down with the ones he loves. 

And without them being a man,

this building falls. 

Title: Pillars 

Medium: Metal wire

Price: 7100/- each

Namrata Shrestha from Morang is recently studying in B.F.A fourth-year at Sirjana college of fine arts. 

Artist’s statement 

My work ponders the emotion and values we should live with. The presence of me and 

everything around me affects my mind. Thoughts circle around my mind, the conversation begins, joy comes by and loneliness disappears by then. I recall the origin of all those thoughts and emotions with them, their repetition, continuity and their departure. Eventually, what sort of emotion affects me enough I paint them.

This painting is about the home where we feel safe. Home is the place where we stay most of our life. We get emotionally attached to our home it’s hard to leave or forget home. 

My grandfather’s house where we were born and grown-up was supposed to be sold out. I was shattered by thinking that my childhood story will bury there. By that time, a pregnant figure came to my mind and then suddenly it hit me that my first ever home was my mom’s belly. After that, I calmed down, thinking that my first home is still here with me. I should not be sad about it.

Floating realistic forms in an abstract space f
ascinates me but still, I am open to other styles. This style suits my intention of depicting my thoughts, perceptions and experiences in different

Unwelcomed or desired questions rise through my contemplation on anything happenings around me. The demand for an elusive answer brings a lot of disturbances but fortunately, the answer comes with a bit of happiness. My action of brushes flows from the bottom of my heart and is poured onto the canvas and the canvas whispers the answer.

Title: Pahilo Ghar

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 30,000/-

Kedar Dahal is working as a freelance artist. He grew up in SOS CHILDRENS VILLAGE, Sanothimi. He was interested in making paintings from childhood so he has completed my IFA and BFA from Sirjana college of fine arts although MFA from Lalitkala TU.

He chooses portraiture as my major subject in MFA. He has done many live portraits and commission portraits till now.  He has participated in so many portrait workshops and seminars.

Artist’s Statement

This painting is trying to express the view that nudism in art was a common practice from the beginning of the art history, from spiritual themes to baroque nudes where naked human body express the beauty in itself. Now, this painting of mine, is 

trying to remind the non-vulgar aspect of the nudist art as well as the satirical criticism of today’s exhibitionist fashion where human body is being covered by cosmetic covers, as if hesitating to become totally open. This painting is nudism looking at nudism and making slight fun of it. The baroque nude woman looking at the grunge outfit of the ultramodern woman is itself a contrasting vision which is only possible through art. It is not an open criticism but a classical eye winking at postmodern nudism. So, nudism looking at nudism.

Title: Nudism looking Nudism

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 50,000/-

Krishna Gopal Shrestha is a Visual
Artist/Painter based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He did MFA: Fine art College, Lalit Kala Campus, Tribhuvan University 2013. He participated in several national and international art exhibitions and workshops. He received numerous awards including 1st prize in National Nishana chap, Mulmi Graphic Award 2021, 1st prize in illustrations workshop 2021 in NAFA, Sankhu JCI youth Awards 2021, 1st prize in painting competition organized by international Kathmandu Gokarna Unit B.S. 2052, 1st  prize in Mandap competition 2012/2013/2014and 2015, 1st prize in color your dream and win, 1st Prize in
Pashupati paints competition, 2nd prize in
watercolor painting competition in NAFA 2019, 2nd prize in poster competition organized by Bal Bikash Samaj 2054, consolation prize in poster competition organized by HEART CLUB NEPAL 2054, 2nd prize in painting competition organized by Rani Porkhari Mahotsab, 2nd prize in painting competition
organized by Camlin colors, best illustrator of year 2066 by Nepalese society for children’s literature, 6th International Indigenous Film Festival IFA Honored 2012, Basant Sangeet festival, Honored 2012, NATIONAL EXHIBITION OF FINE ART 2018 ESPECIAL AWARD and INTERNATIONAL AWARD Water color residential workshop 2018 ESPECIAL AWARD, Tajpur INDIA, Aichi Perfecture Assembly Chirman Award, JAPAN 2018,  6th International Water color Festival 2020  Best Artist AWARD, Jaypur INDIA.

Artist’s Statement

This is my first nude painting. When it come to my art works, I got interested in representing my own culture religion and tradition. I have attempted to give it a contemporary look by merging it with my feeling and ancient monuments. In this picture, I have composed a royal picture of Malla period with a contemporary girl. In this picture, I have tried to relate the use of nude pictures in Nepali society in the past and the pictures made in the present time.


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 100,000/-

Sweet White Cookie is a Kathmandu based nude art photographer. He works mostly with everyday women, meaning the ones not involved with fashion & glamour industry, to make art based minimal nude portraits and other photographs. While the raw expressions, lines and curves are the major elements in his works, his nude pictures are theme based & speak of individual perspectives or social issues. Sweet White Cookie has recently released his debut photo book entitled ‘Them Eyes Were Beautiful!’ where he presents his love for minimal ambient seminude portraits.

Artist’s statement 

Not long ago, women wearing a red Sachika could be seen every day. Sachikas, mostly made from brightly dyed red threats and assembled with various shiny beads; were put on their hair in those times by Newar women mostly, other communities had their own versions of the same. They were a part of cultural fashion as the finishing touch of women’s’ attire. Sachikas were beautiful; women in Sachikas were even more. Alongside the dresses from the time, Sachikas depicted women of
yesteryears to what we perceive now; pretty, sweet & innocently picturesque.

While the exact purpose and reason behind the use of Sachika could be arguable; it might as well be true that Sachikas do represent the way, women were tangled between what society emblems women as and what they actually feel about it and themselves. The attires of women in those times were defined, the way they should speak, walk, or present themselves; they were all defined. What should they do or how should they; they were all defined by the communities and society. 

We still are all defined, at every step every day. But are those definitions true for everyone and
everytime? Sachika is a metaphor!

Title: Sachika

Medium: Photographs

Price: 30,000/- (Each)

Prakash Pun Magar is a sculptor who did Bachelor of Fine Arts, BFA (sculpture) from Lalitkala Campus.T.U. Bhotahity, Kathmandu Nepal. He has participated in various group exhibitions and participated in Kathmandu Art Fair and Creative wood sculpture workshop 2075. He received National Fine Arts Award in 2078 (B.S.) for his Installation Art. He was volunteering for Kathmandu Triennial 2017.

Artist’s statement

To me, Art is a final product of my own emotions, thoughts, ideas, experience. My work speaks about my own personal philosophy, emotions and ideas. I use human figure as a main subject to express my ideas, thoughts and emotions as well as a way of exploring the human form or human psychology. Here, in one work a woman with earth head represent our mind and that every people in these worlds have their own world inside them and how powerful and vast human mind is. Likewise, in another work boy with a fan represent a human hope, hope wind will blow and fan will rotate, which represent human hope.

Title: Universe within 

Medium: Resin Fiber

Price: 25,000/-

Title: Hope

Medium: Resin Fiber

Price: 18,000/-

Title: Untitled

Medium: Resin Fiber

Price: 10,000/-

Prashant Shrestha based in Ason, Kathmandu. He was born on 30th November 1996. He has done bachelor in fine art from Lalitkala campus. He participated in many national and international exhibition and workshop. He has developed his own style on his work based in pen and ink medium, but working with only single pilot pen refilling waterproof ink makes him specialist of pen and ink drawing. He has been working with this medium from 2017 AD based on heritage and culture. He saw lot of changes in them from childhood to present time so for preserving them he was working in theme “SAMRACHHEN” and also done solo-exhibition in 2020 on the topic “SAMRACHHEN “ Vol-1.

Artist’s statement

The erotic art carved on the struts of the temples around Kathmandu Valley is fascinating, but its purpose still remains elusive. This peculiar presence of erotic art has been a part of many scholarly discussions. Especially in a society where having conversations about sex or sexuality is still a taboo, to have the act depicted on the temple 

structures has raised everyone’s curiosity.

Title : Erotic

Medium: Waterproof ink on acid free paper 

Price : 75,000/- (Set)

Roshan Pradhan is a visual Artist based in Nepal. He did his Master’s in Fine Arts from Lalit Kala Campus. He has been doing both Solo and Group Exhibition internationally. He has received national Award notably Araniko Youth Award (Gold Medal), Special Prize in National Art and Craft Exhibition, A fevicry Expert teacher from pidlite India, Creative Artist of the year 2020, Nanda Devi Khanal Lalitkala Smriti Award Arupam Art Gallery. He is a director of Pagoda Institute of Fine Arts and Founder member of Pagoda Group Nepalese Contemporary Artist Guilds. He is member of international island country Arts Group, Turkey.

Artist’s statement

As we all know that Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi – culture, multi- religious and multi – lingual country. It is a country of diversity. Different ethnic groups have their own rich culture, tradition, art and values. They reflect the aspiration, feeling, tradition and civilization of our ancestors. They show our glorious past and are the identity of our country. But due to modernization, these identities are disappearing slowly. Therefore, I have tried to present some motifs through my paintings. Since our birth we have lived through culture, tradition and art, but as we have come to this modern age, we have many modern thoughts, ideas, and technologies which divert our mind. They try to make us forget our culture. To give continuity to our culture, I have added some motifs of Thankas in my paintings. I feel proud to preserve and protect the culture even in this modern age by fusing the contemporary paintings and traditional paintings together, so that visitors can find different tastes.

Title: Self Determination

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 120,000/-

Sajal Siwakoti Born in Kathmandu Nepal. She fell in love with art in her early age, the day when she first got chance to use color pencils which acted as magic wand to her. After
completion of her Bachelors in Information Management, she was fortune enough to visit professional artists and seeing their works, she  realized where she wanted to see herself. From that very day, She hasn’t looked back. She worked for mascot making of 7.5 ft. tall Yeti for Visit Nepal 2020, worked for award making of Miss Nepal 2019, Costume creation of Miss Nepal Universe for competing internationally. She was a part of CG foundation workshop for Open Art Museum for creating sculptures. Her most preferred medium is clay and its different methods like Ceramic, Bronze, Fibreglass.
Except that, she likes to do painting and
sketching as well. She worked in NGOS’s

too as she loves to add meaning to others life through small contributions.

Artist’s Statement

Silent isn’t empty, it is full of answers. Sitting alone,
listening to the sound of your breath, the beating of your heart is a reminder that you are scared and blessed. For this, I have chosen a nude figure to completely be in our real form with no extra decorations. This will help us to recognize “who we are” in raw state and will pull us back to our true self. In this robotic routine life, we have forgotten our essence and have been ignoring about our feelings and thoughts. We easily get engaged in distractions of receiving calls, unnecessary gossips, technology. We would rather make ourselves miserable than to make ourselves a priority. We have forgotten to be still, take a pause and be incharge of our information diet. We should give time to listen our silence to have loudest mind. We have so much more to explore from within.

Title: A Silent Voice

Medium: Ceramic

Price: 150,000/-

Saksham Raja Shakya (b.1997, Nepal: Currently in the process of under graduation from Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA), Beijing, China. Saksham has been doing extensive research about traditional art forms in Nepal and China, he uses a wide range of visual and literary sources in his work.

Artist’s statement 

B A S H F U L (shy, self-conscious, embarrassed etc.) is the situation we all might 

have experienced once in our life. The work BASHFUL, a nude sculpture covering its 

body parts with embarrassment but still carrying a smile in its face describing the 

situation and it’s being handled.

Title: Bashful

Medium: Copper

Price: 90,000/-

Saphal Shrestha is an artist from
Kathmandu, currently a fourth-year student in Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. Using art as a means of communication/ self-expression and hope to make art for understanding self and others.

Title: Kaalo Mukh

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 54,000/-

Sagar Manandhar, Born in 1985 in Kathmandu, Nepal. He has completed his
Bachelor in Fine Arts and Master in Fine Arts from Banaras Hindu University, BHU, Varanasi with gold medal in both Bachelor and Master
degree. He is now working as an Assistant Professor at Kathmandu University, School of Arts, and Department of Art and Design. He has designed the flag of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and has participated in many national and international art workshops such as ‘Yogyakarta Art Festival’, Jogya National Museum, Jogya, Indonesia, Shanghai International Exchange and Workshop, Hongqiao Contemporary Art
Museum, Shanghai, Inspiration Manaslu, Samagaun, Manaslu. He has fourteen solo exhibitions and many group shows in his name in Nepal and foreign countries. He has also worked at Panjim, Goa in a residency organized by Indian Atelier.He is enthusiastic to work in different theme based series paintings with experimentation in mixed media techniques. He lives and works at Kathmandu, Nepal.

Artist’s statement

We are part of nature, which is so pure that we immerse ourselves in it. We watch it, connect with it, and communicate with it. But closely realizing that there is no outer layer to conceal their existences. We, as human beings, have different feelings about it, and we are a part of it. Nudity is a delicate topic that must be handled with caution in our culture. It’s just like the glasses, where we have to think beyond ourselves even though we know who we are.

This body of work is an attempt to interact and explore sensitivity in a new medium and theme.

Srijan Baral is a visual artist whose primary medium is photography. Born in 1997, he has an academic degree in Professional Photography from Langara College, Vancouver, Canada (2020). His works often have a darker feel, that tends to shed light on the things, less talked about. With the use of symbolism and simpler compositions, he aims to embrace the difficulties, promote dialogue and maintain healthy relationships with ourselves, In the darkest of times.

Title: 1

Medium: Photographs

Price: 25,000/-

Title: Egg

Medium: Photographs

Price: 30,000/-

Title: Warrior Within

Medium: Photographs

Price: 40,000/-

Suman Rai, 1997, a visual artist graduated from Sirjana college of fine arts, Kathmandu. Currently an intern at gallery MCUBE. He has exhibited his paintings recently in past shows at this gallery.

Artist’s statement

Your torso needs comfort and reason in-order to take off your clothes so does Your feet needs comfort zone and reason to take off your shoes. Why don’t you find connection, why don’t you see and feel your feet being nude?

Title: Nagna 

Size: 1×1 feet (3 pieces )

Price: Rs.29,999/- ( 3 pieces )

Vincent Greby studied painting at the Korean art studio “Sonamu” in France between 1997 and 2001. He wanted to move across the Indian Subcontinent after learning to paint in a Korean art studio. His paintings are focused on a conversation between warm color and naive form. Portraits and flowers dance to the beat of his soul in his artwork. He had exhibitions mainly in France, Nepal, Cambodia and South Korea. He has written two books in Nepal- ‘Le nouveau Nepal ou le pari d’une utopie’ and ‘L’affaire des 16 piliers’. 

Artist’s Statement

Simple. Happy. Appealing. Primary. Just some adjectives that one uses while glimpsing Vincent Gréby’s art pieces for the first time. But a more detailed study of these minimalistic, playful representations of everyday life leads one to consider the complexities that lie just below the surface of these joyfully captured vignettes. These works of art are deliberately childlike, like those created by one who has embraced absurdity over worldly tribulations, to provide a peek into what it looks like to deliberately live life without complications. By the end of the visual experience, the simplistic has transcended into a complex work of art – defiant and elevated beyond constricting definitions and labels. Vincent Gréby has created a fantastical world that is grounded in living realism, but celebrated in magical joy and surrealism.

Title: Nude Dancing

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Price: 190,000/-

Title: Nude Dancing

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Price: 210,000/-

Yashubendra K.C born and raised in
Kathmandu, he learnt to hold a paintbrush long before he held a pen.

His work is a holistic body of vibrancy, warmth and feminine energy. His art honors and celebrates the female form and finds beauty in scrapes and strokes that paint a woman. His mind has always been a collage of swirling and moving colors on surfaces. He sees inspiration in everyday objects that have strong essence of the contemporary art world. He likes to paint with a mélange of warm and bright hues to create a feeling of compassion.

His strength is in creating abstract figures of the female body in bold strokes and multidimensional facades. He likes to paint nudity with the rawness that nature has gifted us. The contours of a body are like a landscape that has a combination of mountains, lakes and grounds all in one. Hence, he paints to justify the natural beauty of the human body. Though the bodies are bared in his art, the paintings are filled with stories that irradiate the tints of the artwork. 

Title: Self Embrace

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Price: 30,000/-