Made in Mind Series II

Curatorial Note

Covid -19 parameters have no boundary. The pandemic has baffled the whole world, where everyone is living life under fear and uncertainty. People are struggling to live in self-isolation. While Covid-19 has taken the lives of millions of people in the world, many people are also suffering from other disease such as suicide, cardiac arrest, heart diseases Down syndrome, and economic disparity, among others.
Despite all these agonies, many good things are also happening in the world. Pollution in the cities have changed, street has become cleaner, Himalayas have started smiling  with white deep snow, blue sky has become  serene for birds to fly high. Nature has reverted to its own pace; animals have started coming out without fearing human danger. So many changes happened within six months. It is a lesson to learn about every single attribution that we achieved. Living behind all the intuitions for the sake of own benefit human mind and behavior need some changes.
Made in mind is the invention of human dignity, human disparity, human perceptions and human nature. It is to bring all the different norms, values and expressions into one forum, to share artists’ expressive ideologies. This project is deliberated to create a dialogue among every human race to act upon and realize the fact of our presence in the world. As artists, we believe in nature. Every sense is nature in itself.         
Living life without social engagement is tough to handle. As human we are social being. No matter how and what we perceive we always try to share to our loved ones in close contact. Social involvement is crucial to vent out different forms of emotions including frustrations, anxiety and depressions. As an artist, every individual intends to express his/ her stories and others stories. Everyone have different experiences to share and different stories to tell. During this unprecedented time of lockdown, everyone seems disconcerted. Art can bring some change in our livelihood and heal the world.
We designed Made in Mind series II the 2 minutes experimental video art project to express artists’ emotions and feeling at the time of a lockdown. An open call was made for artists, students and art enthusiasts across the globe. As many as , 52 artists from 15 countries – Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand, UK, have joined hands with their powerful experimental video arts.  The Experimental video art is the freedom of expression through audio and video means. In this era of technology, this tool is widely accessible and artists can use it for their conceptual practices.
52 artists brought the essence of fluent conversation with their creative expertise. All the thoughts that occurred in mind whether it’s rational or irrational, narrative or non-narrative, performative or non-performative discourse through alternative practice of art. There are billions of stories, personal, emotional, social during the time of crisis. This project builds some connection to all the stories of different livelihood in the world.
Gallery Mcube is alternative visual Art center based in the Heart of Lalitpur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. The space is established in the year 2011 to create Visual Art Culture into mainstream affair with diverse art genres. Mcube host various events to improve appreciation in Art through talk series, Artists residency exchanges, curated visual art exhibitions, promote artists, support community through resources, publications and various community art projects.

Manish Lal Shrestha


Aklima Iqbal | Bangladesh, Anil Subba | Nepal, Annaraya Hangargi | India, Anup Let | India,Arpita Singha Lopa | Bangladesh, Ashim Halder Sagor | Bangladesh, Azmain Azad Katha | Bangladesh, Bhishan Rajbhandar i Nepal, Bidhata KC | Nepal, Bo Wang | China, Cao Yuhao | China, Changjin Lee | South Korea, Daxyata Bhandari | Nepal, Debanjan Mitra | India, Han Yoojin | South Korea, Jiajia Zeng | China / UK, Jinyan Feng | China / UK, Johannes C. Gerard | Germany, Junyi Yang | China, Jupiter Pradhan | Nepal, Lea Titz | Austria, Ling Tang | China, Maushmi Ganguly | India, Mallikarjun S. Katke | India, Mehreen Hashmi | Pakistan, Mousumi Karmakar | India, Muhammad Shafayet Hossain | Bangladesh, Murshed Jahagir | Bangladesh, Nebu George | India, Nitesh Kushwaha | India, Pierre Blache | Canada, Pipatpong Seepeng | Thailand, Rabin Kaji Shakya | Nepal, Raja Maharjan | Nepal, Rajdeep Dey | India, Ruth Vigueras Bravo | Mexico, Satadru Sovan Banduri | India, Scott Lawrence Simon | Australia, Sharu Nepal | Nepal, Shola Carletti | Italy, Shu Hu | China, Sujaan Shrestha | Nepal, Sujan Budathoki | Nepal, Sujan Dangol | Nepal, Sundar Lama | Nepal, Sungjin Song | South Korea, Swikrity Tuladhar | Nepal, Ting Deng | China, Tuksina Pipitkul | Thailand, Xiaoran Wu | China, Yichen Li | China, Yuan Zhuang | China / UK

We are Thankful to NO SPACE an art organization supporting for screening in China.

Our Team
Special Acknowledgement to
Ragendra nath Shrestha
Special thanks to
Bidhata KC, Daxyata Bhandari, Kapil Mani Dixit, Nistha Rai, Sujan Budhathoki, Sujaan Shrestha, Rabin Kaji Shakya, Ragendra Shrestha, Reejuta Sharma Dixit.

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