Little Artists’ Workshop


“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.”

Who we are?

Mcube (M3) is newly established Alternative Art Space for Visual Art based in the Heart of Lalitpur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Mcube hosts various events to improve appreciation in Art through talk series, Artists residency exchanges, visual art exhibitions, supporting local artists through resources and publications. This space is established in the year 2011 to create Visual Art Culture into mainstream affair with diverse art genres. Our area of concern is community art, contemporary visual art practices like performance, videos, installation, painting, sculpture, photography etc.

Gallery Mcube is truly giving the effort for the art management practices and look after the curatorial parts. Since Nepal has a very diverse traditional culture within small group of audiences, we try to extend our border to larger audiences with our creativities.

What we do?

Gallery Mcube is keen in building up community through Art. To fulfill our goal we have various programs. Our most ambitious program is local and international artist’s residency program. Since the contemporary visual art practice has unlimited possibilities in our society we still are left out and undergoing with difficulties. To get rid of all these hardship, Gallery Mcube is initiating to create a space for Local and international Artist communities to create, share and collaborate. Now it is time for Artists to lead the world, to build up aware communities, to create feeling of responsibility and act upon. But the opportunities for the Artists are very limited in Nepal specifically concentrated only in the Kathmandu valley; the residency project could be the really valuable space and opportunity for the upcoming generation. Mcube is also looking forward to expand its horizon to other cities in Nepal.

Gallery Mcube organizes talk series, Mcube Chakati Guff, with celebrated and respectful personalities from different fields like painting, sculpture, music, film, theater etc. We also organize Little Artists’ Workshop during winter and summer for children and adults, community art projects, film shows, workshops etc. Recently, after the earthquake we are engaging in the Get Well Soon Project. This project deals especially with children of affected area. We aim to heal children through art and also make them feel responsible about the post disaster management. We teach them to make ‘get well soon’ cards and some art techniques. We also heal them through music and interaction sessions. Initially we distributed those cards to the injured people in hospitals but after three months of the quake we started to encourage them to exchange their cards. More than 5000 affected children, mostly of orphanages and child care centers have been benefited from this project so far. We also conduct Art training workshop for Teachers as well. Till now we have already reached more than 1200 teachers in far remote parts of Nepal through our Get Well Soon project.

Why Art classes?

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gallery Mcube have initiated art classes for children and adults. These classes aim to enhance not only the skill of an individual but also the creativity. After the completion of art course, the students will be able to do following things.

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental or “formal properties” of art: Line, positive/negative space, shade/tone, texture, color, etc.
  2. Demonstrate basic theories of composition balance to achieve unity and creative ways to “break the rules” successfully.
  3. Understand basic techniques of “process” in a variety of media: drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, etc.
  4. Understand basic premises in art movement across a timeline of history.
  5. Apply problem solving strategies as a means to create strong finished art/design projects, individually or collaboratively.
  6. Produce carefully considered art works.
  7. Invest in experimentation and not always take the safe route while engaging in the creative process, promoting growth.

Who can join?

Anyone who are deeply interested in art can join in the classes according to their preferable time. Pupils of any age group will be accepted.

Course of Study

  1. Line and Shapes
  2. Still life study
  3. Plants and Animals
  4. Portrait
  5. Composition
  6. Landscape
  7. Perspective
  8. Art history

Fee structure

Rs. 1000 per 4 classes

Admission Open for Mcube Art Class for kids and Adults.
Studio Art Classes for Executive Working Member on Saturday and Sunday.
Please apply soon.

Contact: | 9851170110