Born and brought up in the cultural and historical city, Bhaktapur, the spectacular arts have always fascinated her. Pursuing her passion, She received a bachelor in painting from Kathmandu University. She got to know about variations in paintings over time and her interest grew in printmaking which she learnt and practiced with the help of her friend Saur Ganga Darshandhari. Further, she did a masters in printmaking from Tribhuvan University, Central department of Fine Arts. She has participated in numerous workshops and exhibitions, national and international, including two solo exhibitions: Reminiscence and Hope’ An online solo Printmaking exhibition organized by Classic Gallery in2021 and meditate in object in Baryo Fiesta2007.  She is a member of Printmaking Nepal Organization and she is working as an art educator in Pathshala Nepal Foundation, Bagdol.  Some of events that she participated are: Art for Nepal, Sculpting possibilities, Fundraising exhibition, Amsterdam in 2015, Art Expo June Barcelona, Organized by Artists in the world in 2015, Monsoon Printmaking 2020 online exhibition, International Virtual Engravist Printmaking Biennale 2020, Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition, Siddhartha Art Gallery 2020, 1st Print Biennale India 2018 International Exhibition of Graphic Print organized by Lalit Kala Akedemi, Third International Print Biennale, Yerevan 2021, Armenia, Printmaking  workshop 2019, Mini Printmaking workshop  in 2017 organized by Printmaking Nepal.


I sometimes recall various experiences of my life, especially the painful ones and a question crosses my mind: whether I am still holding the sorrow within me, or have I let it go. Many incidents occur, and it is not always possible to hold on to moments and beloved ones. Time awaits no one and one must move on no matter what lies ahead. Do I really want to move on, or hold back and regret? Well, I have no answer. But I look back sometimes to recall those memories……. I do. My work reflects on my own experiences at different point of time. Most of my works relate with disaster, loss and hope. Even in such desperate situation, hope keeps one intact and strengthens one to move on. It is also essential to keep positive vibes around oneself so that one can embrace and deal with anything that life throws on.