Get Well Soon Project


25th April 2015 became a dreadful day for all the Nepalese inside and outside of the country. The earthquake left the country in rubble. In such devastating situation, it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute through the ability that we achieve; little thing can make a huge difference.

Right after the earthquake, the scenario of the Kathmandu city was completely different. Everyone was living out in the open spaces. Even Manish Lal Shrestha, visual Artist and Yog practitioner was also sheltering in one of the hospitals where the situation was intensive and frightening with numerous wounded bodies on the ground. He himself was shocked seeing the panic situation of the people specially the children. During such a crucial time most vulnerable beings are the Children, as for the adult we can be independent make own tents, cook own food but for them they need physical as well as emotional support, he realized of healing children with Art. As Art can be a good diversion therapy for emotional as well psychological support for the people. He conduct art healing workshop in the hospital ground where he was living with 25 children which helped to bring smile back on their faces, make them feel secure. They were playing with colors and expressing their fear, anxiety through art. They were making get well soon greeting cards for the patients and victims of the brutal earthquake. Later on initiated as GET WELL SOON project which is non-profit Project of Gallery Mcube, artists’ lead interactive space for Visual Arts in Nepal.

Initially the project had taken the mission to reach 2072 children in various earthquake affected regions within the year of 2072. As the project is growing and reaching out to so many affected places, various people have joined hands with the project. And  accomplished our previous mission GET WELL SOON mission 2072, therefore we have started with new mission to  Sindhupalchowk.


To provide psychological healing support for the children traumatized by unwanted disasters, to motivate and restore their hope to have normal lives.

To promote incorporation of art activities and art education in public schools (Government School) to enhance teaching
system. Use of art makes teaching more effective and can greatly influence how a child learns.

To organize eco-friendly skill based training programs for sustainable development of the community and creating the
independent society.

To rebuild and restore our Art, Culture and Heritage by providing Art Grants for individual artists, Curators and scholarship for needy Children in Nepal.

To develop and enhance creative side among children by motivating them to transform their imagination to reality through art.

To bring awareness in society about the role of Art in our daily lives and its positive impact on our behavior.

To collaborate with different partners to change lives and bring awareness in areas of health, sanitation and nutrition of the community.