AIR_MCUBE artist in residence sixth season


AIR_MCUBE international artist in residence program is a one month to six months long interdisciplinary artist residency program organized by Gallery Mcube, an artist-run gallery and studio space located in the center of historical city Lalitpur, Nepal. This residency program is completely self-organized and suitable for self-directed projects. It is awarded to international as well as local artists, who have potential in working for various visual art practices like painting, printing, sculpture, installation, performance art, multi-media etc. Artists, writers, media artists, sound artists, choreographers, dancers, actors and composers, whoever interested can apply for this residency.

As part of AIR_MCUBE International residency program, there will be presentation sessions, interaction sessions, and critic sessions. It will be concluded by Open house exhibitions. This residency is open to emerging and established artists from a range of disciplines. However, spaces are limited as the selection process will be competitive in order to ensure quality, innovation and a strong commitment to the practical and creative objectives of this residency. Since Mcube is involved in community and public art project, to enhance community through art we involve international as well as local community artists for the enrichment of the art scene to general public. Mcube is determined to create a space for Local and international Artist communities to create, share and collaborate. Now it is time for Artists to lead the world, to build up aware communities, to create feeling of responsibility and act upon. But the opportunities for the Artists are very limited in Nepal specifically concentrated only in the Kathmandu valley; the residency project could be the really valuable space and opportunity for the upcoming generation. Mcube is also looking forward to expand its horizon to other cities in Nepal.

Gallery Mcube already hosted fifth season of AIR_MCUBE artist in residence program previous, this program is the sixth edition of residency where we have invited Group M from South Korea. Group M has four members Jae min Kim – Director and Media Artist), Wonjung Jang – Choreographer, Byungho Park – Actor and Eunhye Chong – Dancer. Group M started with the passion of movement as the form of expression, where they use media, sound and dance as the part of expression. Duration of residency is one month from 2nd to 3oth December 2016. AIR_MCUBE artist in residence sixth season is based on the interdisciplinary performance art project and media art exhibition.

This sixth season is divided in two parts one is public performance and open house exhibition in Mcube. Open house exhibition at Mcube is entitled “Tableau Vivant”. It means “Living Picture” is media art combines photography and videography. It is based on the placement, overlapping temporality in massive photographic image, using screen and accepting in the term of proscenium. With video projection mapping on the image, project gains new life. Tableau Vivant’s process may similar to theatrical directing; project’s placement, mediality and theatricality can refer to directing actor or senographing itself. It draws meditational landscape through awareness of conscious/ unconscious memories. One place’s own message rearranges with project’s purpose and it makes another unexpected meaning.

Second part of sixth season is public performance in the heritage site of Patan Durbar Square which happened on19th December 2018 and final performance will be on 28th December 2016 in same venue of Patan Durbar Square. The Public performance is entitled as “DHOKA”. The performance is combined with body movement entangled with media art through projection mapping. It is such a creative process of expressing the reality through the physical expression gesture.

This works has some connotation with the earthquake in Nepal of 2015. After earthquake in Nepal, beautiful cultural heritage buildings which Nepal loves have been greatly collapsed or destroyed. Pain and despair remains after earthquake, but ironically, hope coexists in cracks of earthquake. This piece contains the construction of the precious cultural heritages that have been damaged by the earthquake. And there are white people like strings are tangled up on top of that scenery. The movement of the people that overcomes the present will lead our future to the gate of hope.

Manish Lal Shrestha Executive Director/ Visual Artist, Gallery Mcube

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Wonjung Jang is a choreographer and a dancer. She pursues experimental works with many genre and artist. she think that it’s important to meet other new arts because it expands all the possibilities to expression of human body. The cell(2016), Grida ep.1, ep.2, ep.3, Galateia, Inner object (2011), The table (2014), Island(2012)


Park byung ho who is actor and performer is looking for the meaning of what is the actor on the stage and experimenting to find it. Euphoria (2015), GRIDA series EP 1 : El castillo, EP 2 : Mirror, EP 3 : Steel, and Galatea (2016)


Performance director and media artist, Kim Jae Min( is head of the two theatrical troop, Spider Company and M. Currently Kim works through several artistic areas includes theater, media art and exhibition; clashing contiguous artistic fields, Kim believes that experimental new media can conflate vary genres and arts.


Chong Eun Hye – Choreographer and contemporary dancer she has been walking as contemporary dancer and Choreographer and performing with various artists, making musical, play, performance for many kind of people since 2011