AIR_MCUBE artist in residence seventh season

Jupiter Pradhan is multi-disciplinary visual artist who was born on 7th September,1977. He had done I.Sc. in Amrit Science Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal ,I.F.A. (Painting) in Fine Art Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal,B.F.A. (Painting) in Fine Art Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal,M.F.A. (Painting), University of Development Alternative (UODA), Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2009. He was awarded first prize by Red- Cross Nepal in 2000. In 2008 he was given away with an Honorable Award, UODA in Dhaka, Bangladesh and in 2011 he was awarded Special award (alternative medium) in National Exhibition, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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C.C. Chang, Chih-chung, born in 1986, Kaohsiung, earns MFA of National Taiwan Normal University Department of Fine Arts, major in painting; who lives, works and teaches currently in Taipei, Taiwan. In pursuit of the possibilities of painting, which he merges, writing, video and installation into his creation based on allegorical topics with fact or fiction, symbolic metaphors and fictional elements. His art and educational background show complementarily a strong bond. In earlier project he had put emphasis on gathering and recording images of occupational figures based on various cultural backgrounds, in order to approach contemporary thinking on diverse values in the form of imaginary fable. Recently he started to investigate natural and cultural factors behind human beings, and the idea of inter-connections between human, civilization and nature.


His artworks were selected for “Kaohsiung Award”, collected by NTMFA “

Youth Artist Collection” and “Taiwan Art Bank”, exhibitions held around Taiwan, in Beijing, China, Singapore, Vienna, Austria, Gwangju ACC & Jeju, South Korea and Artist-in-Residence Programs in Wangan Island, Penghu and Jeju, South Korea, in which the project is selected and funded by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan.
Besides, he is the co-founder of “Waley Art”, an art space located in western Taipei City, he participated in artistic and educational programs associated with community involvement and re-purposing of unused space, and he also creates and publish picture books.

Kapil Mani Dixit is a visual artist of Nepal, with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Texas, Arlington. He is well acclaimed and best known for his nude figure paintings. Most of his work comprises of nude figures drawn from the live models. His recent exhibitions in Nepal including those for charitable causes have been well received by the society. He aims to promote figurative paintings in Nepal and simultaneously involve in social work, which according to him gives him the ultimate satisfaction. Even in the USA, he has made several contributions in arts through exhibitions, charity18386538_10155095432415560_678267951_n, donations and art auctions. Among many, he has established a Kapil Dixit Excellence Award by donating his paintings, and sculptures at North Lake College to reward the student who demonstrates an outstanding artistic ability and commitment to art. The award is still rewarded annually to such students. After his return from USA, Kapil Mani Dixit is trying to promote nude art work in Nepal. He is known as the pioneer of the nude art work in Nepal and has been successful in giving visibility to nude figurative art work in conservation society like Nepal. He has taken his professional caree

r and social life in parallel. He is equally inclined in giving back to society and therefore is involved in various


charity events.


















Artist | Chen,Siao-Chi Chen,Siao-Chi was born in 1990 in Taiwan. His passion for performance art was inspired by all types of sub-cultural music and dance. In 2008, he was enrolled into Department of Drama of National Taiwan University of Arts, majoring in directing and performing.His creation owns great variety, and he is known for his directing creation, contact juggling, and performing arts. On July 2012, he organized “Theatre Of Party”, which occasionally performs in any pos1012623_507618772625642_629972515_nsible place, devoting in party-like performances, combining different fields of art to stimulate people. Starting from 2013, he started to experiment video art, live art and sound art.