AIR_MCUBE International residency program is a three/six month’s long interdisciplinary artist residency program organized by Gallery Mcube, an artist-run gallery and studio space located in the center of historical city Lalitpur, 12439007_1102586823093047_6039279694913359975_nNepal. This residency program is completely self-organized and suitable for self-directed projects. It is awarded to international artists, who have potential in working for various visual art practices like painting, printing, sculpture, installation, performance art, multi-media etc. Artists, writers, media artists, sound artists and composers, whoever interested can apply for this residency. The selected resident artist will have interactions and collaboration projects with local artists since it is hosted along with a 6 week-long AIR_MCUBE Local, where an enthusiast local artist is involved too. The artists will have their separate studio space within the premises of the Gallery. There will be a shared kitchen, shared bathroom, multimedia room, resource room and a garden area for the convenience of the artist. As part of AIR_MCUBE International residency program, there will be presentation sessions, interaction sessions, and critic sessions. It will be concluded by Open house exhibitions. This residency is open to emerging and established artists from a range of disciplines. However, spaces are limited as the selection process will be competitive in order to ensure quality, innovation and a strong commitment to the practical and creative objectives of this residency. For artists applying for grants and scholarships in their home country, Gallery Mcube can provide official documents and letters of invitation.


On completion of the residency the artist will have an Open House Exhibition and critic session afterwards.

Accommodation Information 

Though Gallery Mcube is located in one of the oldest cities of Nepal, the area is modern and well facilitated. The studio – flat is well furnished and equipped with comfortable bedding, shared kitchen, bathroom, multimedia room, resource room, library and gallery space. The studio room is well furnished with proper light and balcony space.

Studio Information 

The studio space is provided to individual artist with all the facilities as mentioned above in the accommodation.


Visual Arts, Painting, printing, sculpture, installation, performance art, media arts, literature, Sound art, Photography, musician, composer, Theatre.

Language 11041818_940221195996278_4322743714808604510_n11045341_939486566069741_1636783175034172320_n

English, Nepali




3-6 months


Paid by host 

The Host will cover the expenses of studio visit, presentation sessions, resource room/ library, critic sessions, workshop with community kids/ adults as well as Open House Exhibition. However, if participants can find resources to cover their expenses (travel, food, living, material expenses) through an institution in their country, the host will be happy to provide any official letter required. Any space inside the gallery is accessible and usable for the artist. Every session includes basic reception; any further entertainment costs should manage by the artist.
Paid by artist 

Residency fee is $250 per month includes studio room with Wi-Fi, electricity and water. The resident is responsible for the expenses of food, personal supplies, art materials, the transportation costs and any other space outside the gallery.
Application guidelines 

Write an email including following details

  • CV
  • 10 images of recent art works in JPEG format
  • Project plan – about 200 words
  • Copy of valid passport



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